In less than eight years, Busbrand have come to be synonymous with excellence in their retail structure and brand management. As the international subsidiary of The House of Busby, the company is a market leader in Australia with its unique wholesale and retail models. 

In line with its mission of “developing and distributing affordable, aspirational products”, Busby Group distributes an extensive range of clothing, luggage, handbags and accessories all bearing international brand names and private labels, throughout South Africa and Australia. 

In 2002, Busby launched its retail model with the acquisition of GUESS, an iconic American brand, reintroducing it to the Australian market. From there, Busbrand was born as the retail division in Australia. In 2006, Canadian based footwear and accessories brand, ALDO was added to the Busbrand group. 

Over the years, Busbrand has specialised in brand management, relentlessly building on its retail concepts growing from just 2 stores in 2002 to the 30 stores which stand today. Today, Busbrand continues to be successful in the management and distribution of all its international brands whilst providing a retail concept that offers exceptional customer service.