Social Responsibility

In its years of operation, Busbrand has and continues to recognise and acknowledge its responsibility to the wider community. It has maintained a reputation as a socially-responsible and responsive organisation. 

Busbrand understands the importance of industry contribution to student learning. The company actively supports RMIT and other local universities as it believes in giving something back to the people who inspire the future of its industry.

Busbrand also supports local and international charities via financial support, fundraising through the sale of merchandise and donations of products. Through its various brands, the company has partnered with the Fifteen Foundation Melbourne, the Thusunang Women’s Abuse Centre in South Africa, the Red Cross Victorian Bush Fire Appeal and the Robero Orphan Centre in Rwanda to name a few.

In addition, the company makes a conscious effort to source suppliers who are also socially responsible. Opting for bio-degrable in-store signage and UV ink printers where there are no splash-backs into the environment, Busbrand is constantly doing its part to “give” back to the people, their communities and the world.